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Welcome to the Arlington Heights Lodge #1184
Fort Worth, Texas

The Fort Worth Arlington Heights Lodge is dedicated to preserving and practicing traditional Masonry through the Grand Lodge of Texas. We do this by providing a proper Masonic education and participating in Masonic fellowships and activities.

Freemasonry cannot be defined by the limits of what you have heard or learned in the past.

It is a collection of many different elements, divisions, subjects, and knowledge combined to form a whole.

Masonry is different to each individual and can only be understood by learning and participating in the forms and ceremonies of the Fraternity.

Please enjoy the vast history of Freemasonry and our Lodge. And remember, "2B1ASK1".

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The Arlington Heights Lodge is subject to the rules and laws of the Grand Lodge of Texas.

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Further knowledge in Freemasonry. Includes Chapter, Council, and Commandery.

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Further knowledge in Freemasonry. Includes degrees 4 through 32nd Degree.